The HAPpening Community

One way to envision this endeavour is to imagine an open community of people practicing HAP that communicate around an app. A member of the community has an idea: Compound P could be added to a plant to yield active A. Either other members of the community or “the HAP company” has the compound made and it is circulated among HAP members for growing and testing. Different members will be trying on different plant species or different varieties, and will be employing different methods of consumption and analysis. Alternatively, “the HAP company” can conduct the growing and testing efforts and offer the resulting plant feed as a product if there is a beneficial result. The HAP company would manage the app and/or other platform used to communicate

If adopting the community-oriented approach, there are different roles to play within the HAPpening community:

Idea Provider

somebody with an idea for a phytoprecursor P and an explanation of why it could become active A in planta.

Chemical provider

Experimental Molecule Provider – usually a chemist, who could provide to the community or to “the HAP company” 50 grams of the actual compound envisioned by an intuition provider.


Grower – someone who has plants or seeds and practices HAP with them either for experimental molecules or for already validated plant feeds.


Taster – someone who takes the plants grown by a grower and consumes them using any method of consumption for the purpose of either:
Discerning whether an experimental molecule has successfully yielded an effective active compound.
Reporting on his/her experience with a validated product thus adding to the data pool.


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