Business Plan

Our Mission:

Improving access to medicine using sustainable and natural innovative methods.

Our startup aspires to facilitate the creation of new edible plant varieties at a rate of 1 new variety per month. These plant varieties are able to produce a desired medication. The low-cost, low entry bar provided by HAP overcomes the issues with economic viability. We sell the breeding patent and data to plant breeding and seed companies who can then breed these new varieties.

Our other main revenue stream is by offering our services of experimental design, execution, and analysis. Members of the HAP community (as well as the general public) can hire us to perform their experiments or ideas. Any successful results and subsequent patents or breeding royalties that come out of the experiment will have a shared ownership, with the vast majority owned by the member who synthesized the idea.

Why Now?

Leading experts in the fields of secondary metabolites and plant physiology have all conveyed the opinion that there is no parallel to the research pipeline that our startup is conducting and therefore no competition of any similar vein or producing any similar result.
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